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You and your family's well-being is what’s most important to us. Let's face it, health coverage can be confusing. So we want to make that part easy for you.

Marketplace plans

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The Marketplace (also known as the Exchange or is where individuals can compare and purchase health plans for themselves and their family. Marketplace plans are great for individuals and families who are eligible for discounts or financial subsidies. These discounts can include:

Tax credits - Tax credits lower the monthly premium you pay for health coverage and are more available than ever due to the 2021 American Rescue Plan act. Depending on your household income level, these credits can pay for a considerable amount of your premium. You can use your tax credit on most Marketplace plans.

Cost sharing reductions

  • Lower the amount you pay on health care services.
  • Cost sharing reduction plans are available for those who make about $31,000 or less for a single person.
  • Cost-sharing reduction is only available on silver plans.
  • There are three levels of cost sharing reduction based on income brackets:
    • 100–150% of FPL
    • 151–200% of FPL
    • 201–250% of FPL

2023 plan year Federal Poverty Level guidelines

 Percentage of Federal Poverty Level
Size of Household100%250%400%
1 Person$14,580$36,450$58,320
2 People$19,720$49,300$78,880
3 People$24,860$62,150$99,440
4 People$30,000$75,000$120,000
Coverage InformationMay qualify for
cost-sharing reductions
and advanced
premium tax credits
May qualify for
cost-sharing reductions
and advanced
premium tax credits
May qualify for advanced
premium tax credits


We offer a variety of options for silver plans that are eligible for cost-sharing reduction plans.

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Plan options

We have health plans to fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re looking for a lower-premium plan, to limit your overall out-of-pocket, or even just for a catastrophic safety net plan, we’re here for you.

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Our plans not only offer the 10 essential health benefits, but $0 preventive services and additional benefits to put your health and wellness first: 

Metal tiers

All Individual & family plans are divided into metal categories. These categories show how you and your plan share costs. No matter which category your plan falls in, the quality of care does not change.

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Special enrollment information 

Outside open enrollment, you can enroll in new coverage or make changes to your existing policy—if you have a certain life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. 

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