Understanding pharmacy benefits

Understand your pharmacy benefits and check out how we help you manage your prescriptions and lower your medication costs.

Part of your health plan covers medications and prescriptions to meet your medical needs. 

Understanding drug formularies

Our drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs broken into tiers showing the cost-sharing level between you and the health plan. Learn more about formularies and the most up-to-date drug formulary.

Understand pharmacy-specific terms

Medication comparisons

As a member, you can also compare your drugs using the Navigate Your Health Prescription Portal from Navitus. You can access this through your member portal by:

  1. Log in to your member portal at wellfirsthealth.com/login
  2. Click view pharmacy information
  3. Click cost compare on the left menu
  4. Choose the member you wish to lookup an Rx for
  5. Enter your Rx and location information to find costs at pharmacies near you.

Learn more about pharmacy services and benefits.